five spring wedding cake flavors

With springtime just beginning to come around on the calendar, all sorts of lovely romantic possibilities become available for weddings. Daffodil or tulip bouquets and pastel chiffon bridesmaids dresses can brighten any celebration, and the season of new life and beginnings is a natural time to start any new venture — like, say, a marriage.

The bright, light, refreshing mood of springtime and the return of sunshine and color to the outside world also brings to mind a few fun flavor combinations for couples looking to venture outside the classic white or marble wedding cake. Here’s five of my personal favorites, in ascending order.

4.2.2019 spring cake flavors.png


5. Lemon lime

Lime isn’t a flavor I used to associate with cakes, until I tried the many fruity cake flavors available at The Cake Lady in Columbia City, Indiana. Lime by itself is a strong flavor — delicious, but bold, better matched to the intensity of the summer season, I think. Blending bold lime with light lemon in a classic fruit twist makes for a refreshing spring flavor that satisfies.

4. Vanilla and strawberries

Vanilla is a classic, but sometimes can seem a little bland, boring, or overdone on its own. For couples who want a taste of spring within the bounds of their comfort zone, I recommend a layer of strawberry jam or preserves replacing the filling in a classic white cake. The bright red will pop visually against the white cake. The fruity filling offers the perfect boost to timeless vanilla.

3. Angel food cake

You might not think of angel food cake as a flavor, or an option for a wedding. But the light, airy texture fits spring so well, and paired with whipped cream and fresh berries, this delightful delicacy can still wow guests at your wedding.

2. Peaches and cream

Wom Kim's Pudding
Photo courtesy of Hyde Park Bar & Grill WestGate Facebook page.

I’m obsessed with all things peach, and wedding cake is no exception. While not technically wedding cake, a warm peach cake served with fresh cream called Wom Kim’s Pudding served at Hyde Park Bar & Grill in Austin, Texas, still haunts my tastebuds’ dreams. The right combination of peach cake with peaches and cream filling could easily make the same impression at your reception.

1. Lemon raspberry

We begin and end with a fruity lemon mix at the Indiana bakery The Cake Lady. While the owner of the small-town business offers both lemon and raspberry cake flavors, a lemon cake with raspberry filling is my preferred combination. The taste of tart, rich raspberry works so effortlessly with light, happy lemon cake to define the flavor of spring in my mind.

lemon raspberry
Photo courtesy of The Cake Lady, LLC. Facebook page.

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