pretty pastel palettes for spring weddings

With the sun shining and green finally peeking out of our lawns again, spring (with all its pollen) is in the air.

Spring weddings are delightful affairs with endless possibilities for color palettes. Pastels are especially popular, with Easter approaching and new life blooming all around.

Here are three pastel palettes I love for delicate spring weddings.

pale pink and blue

A pale pink like blush, powder pink, or rose pairs effortlessly with soft sky, dusty, or baby blue.

Photos from Pinterest, left to right and top to bottom: Rock My Wedding, French Wedding Style,, Belle the Magazine, Green Wedding Shoes, and Miriam Faith Floral Design.

I love the soft tulle bridesmaids dresses in this set, plus how the groomsmen’s attire and bride’s shoes and bouquet all tie the two colors together in a balanced match.

sunshine and lilac

Purple is one of my favorite colors. A soft lilac and gentle sunshine yellow are perfect color companions for a romantic April afternoon.

Photos from Pinterest, clockwise from top:,, Ginger with Spice, (flowers source unknown),

pastel trio

Pale green and orange with splashes of yellow offer a fresh springtime take on a long-standing classic fall color combo.

Photos from Pinterest, left to right, top to bottom:, Etsy,, (suit source unknown), Etsy,

What are your favorite springtime hues? Let me know in the comments. I’d love to hear from you, readers!

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