Easter wedding ideas

For the 70% of Americans who self-identify as Christians (according to our friends at the Pew Research Center), the upcoming Easter Sunday is one of the biggest holidays of the year.

As shared when we discussed choosing a wedding date, holidays may not be the right choice for every wedding. If Easter or the Easter season are your wedding time of choice, though, your event is sure to be beautiful and promising. Here are some adorable Easter wedding ideas I’ve discovered across the internet.

Lovebird cake

New life is a big part of the Easter season, and a classic sign of that is birds’ eggs and birds’ nests. For a wedding, how better to tie in that theme than with the long-beloved concept of paired lovebirds?

You can incorporate lovebirds and delicate, dotted birds’ eggs in so many parts of a wedding. One idea I personally love is the cake, with lovebirds perched in the nest as the cake topper.

Photo from mywedding.com.

Egg hunt

This is an especially good idea for weddings with small children. Pastel plastic eggs, more fitting for a wedding than the bright multi-color packs in stores, can be purchased in 50-150 piece bulk for only $10 to $15 a pack. These can be filled with small candies and chocolates, also available online or in many stores in bulk.

Religious couples who want more of a focus on the Easter theme could include Bible verses on rolled up papers, similar to a fortune in fortune cookies, or small wooden cross necklaces.

Easter flowers

Most modern weddings rely heavily on flowers for the decor, and this is a chance for Easter events to really shine. Spring brings with it so many beautiful, colorful florals that can mix and match wonderfully.

Lilies are an Easter classic. Elegant and white with show-stopping individual blooms, these are a natural choice for weddings, particularly formal events and religious Easter ceremonies.

Personally, I love the more colorful, relaxed combinations of other Easter options, like daffodils, hyacinths and tulips.

Photo from Singing Wind on VK.com.

Bunny decor

On a less religious note, Easter is also the time of the Easter bunny — and weddings can tie this in with all kinds of adorable decor. From stamped napkin rings to painted table settings to ceramic bunny name card holders, the cutest and fluffiest of the springtime animals can bring an innocent, lighthearted fun to any wedding.

Birdseed favors

For the crafty couples, or those with an interest in nature and the environment, homemade birdseed favors give your wedding a personal touch with a springtime focus — and they’re much less likely to wind up in a trash can than 250 mass-produced “Julie + Tim Forever” coasters. You can find a wonderful birdseed hearts favor tutorial here.

Whether you add birds, bunnies, or an egg hunt to your wedding, your Easter Sunday celebration is sure to be a joyful day, and the perfect timing for beginning a new life together.

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