alternative wedding rings

There’s a lot of variety when it comes to engagement rings and wedding bands. Metals, stones, settings, designs — a ring can be as unique as the couple whose love it signifies.

But the potential for wedding rings and bands can go beyond the jeweler’s door. Per reader request, I’ve gathered a few alternative rings today for the couples with more unusual taste or active lifestyle.


One wedding band alternative that is rapidly gaining in popularity is silicone bands. These are rings made of soft, durable, flexible silicone. They come in many colors and designs. Some are designed to resemble metal wedding bands, but most of them are brighter and more colorful than that. Many have engraving options.

Photo from Enso Rings.

The main appeal in silicone bands lies in their durability. Athletes and couples who pursue hobbies like hiking, camping, or rock climbing will appreciate a ring that is both more comfortable than a metal band and less in need of maintenance. Silicone rings can be worn during most activities, unlike metal. The flexible material allows for give or even cutting away in the event of injuries or accidents, making them much safer for active, outdoorsy things. These factors also make silicone an ideal choice for professions like carpentry or welding.

There are several options for couples interested in purchasing silicone rings. Among their many other designs, Enso offers rings colored to look like traditional metal bands. Qalo has a quiz to help shoppers find their unique ring style. The Christian company Groove is known for their engraved “groove” design inside the rings.


Beyond titanium and tungsten, masculine and outdoorsy lovers are often drawn toward wooden rings. Most wooden rings have some metal, with the wood being largely a visual design element rather than the structural core of the band. One common design is a strip of wood between two sides of metal, or sides of wood enclosing a center stripe of a gemstone.

Photo from

The wisdom and longevity of wooden rings as a wedding band option lies largely in the design, source, and maintenance of the ring. Wood will require some care, though what that looks like will vary depending on the type of wood and how well-made the piece is. Some wooden rings are colored, but many are intended to focus the eye on the natural color and grain of the wood.

Wooden rings are available many places online, such as Jewelry by Johanor even Etsy.

Whether you’re looking for a different aesthetic or need something sturdier and more secure than gold, alternative ring materials can offer even more variety than the metal bands at the mall jeweler.

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