five spring flowers to brighten your bouquet

Beyond the bouquets and boutonnieres, flowers are the most common and traditional way of decorating a wedding venue. These are a few of my favorite flowers for the late spring season. All of these blooms have little to no fragrance, making them perfect for couples (and their guests) with sensitivities to strong scents. I’ve focused on budget-friendly options as well, so these should be realistically accessible to most couples.

5. Bouvardia

Photo courtesy of

A small, dainty flower, bouvardia is available in pinks and white as well as yellow or red. It has star-shaped flowers growing in clusters on thin stems and is named after the personal physician to Louis XIII, who also served as superintendent of the Royal Gardens in Paris.

4. Alstroemeria (Peruvian Lily, Lily of the Incas, Parrot Lily)

Photo courtesy of Annie’s Annuals & Perennials.

The Lily of the Incas is a South American flower available in many colors and 50 species. The colors and markings of all varieties are bold and bright, perfect for couples who want more personality or flair in their wedding decor.

3. Gerbera daisy

Photo courtesy of @kalkie on

Gerbera daisies hold their form well, fill out bouquets and decor easily, and are available in nearly any color you could want.

2. Lisianthus (prairie gentian)

Photo courtesy of Burpee.

The prarie gentian or Texas bluebell looks lovely in both buds and blooms and somewhat resembles the look of roses, while being a bit more distinctive than the common carnation alternative. The pink and purple flowers stand out well against the rich, dark green foliage.

1. Delphinium (larkspur)

Photo courtesy of Isari Flower Studio.

My all-time favorite flower for weddings and all other life occasions, delphinium (also called larkspur) is most commonly found in shades of blue but can also be grown in pinks, purples, and white. The tall stalks of soft, bright blooms are both feminine and colorful, making them a wonderful choice for brightening more traditional events.

There are plenty of choices out there for springtime florals, including the popular freesia, carnation, and gardenia. But these five are my budget-friendly, fragrance-free personal favorites. Please do share your own favorite flowers in the comments. I love to hear from readers!

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