15 affordable emerald engagement rings for May

Diamonds may be the favored stone of forevers, but gemstone engagement rings have been gaining in popularity for years and are a beautiful way to show your commitment with a unique, personal style.

The birthstone of May is emerald, so this month I wanted to share a collection of rings featuring this gorgeous green stone. Most of these are sold on Etsy, with a few from individual retailers and jewelers. I’ve sorted them in ascending order of price just for convenience.

under $250

PeiPeiJewelry on Etsy offers this brilliant-cut green emerald ring with cubic zirconia accent stones for under $200 in rhodium-plated silver. Yellow, rose, and white gold are also available for $660. This design offers a somewhat traditional look with the quirky twist of the emerald center stone, and is affordable for almost any budget.

This emerald with an emerald cut set in 18K yellow (pictured), white, or rose gold is available from NaturalGemAteliers on Etsy. The tiny baguette-cut stone on a thin band is perfect for minimalists.

ARPELC‘s marquise-cut natural emerald ring on Etsy in yellow (pictured), rose, or white gold features a secret heart cutout on the back of the stone setting. This is a favorite of mine, with the tiny heart making the ring ever so romantic.

under $500

An antique-style ring with a lab-created emerald and 0.2 carat natural diamonds is available from Lomantic on Etsy in rose (pictured), yellow, or white gold. The repeated marquise shapes across both sides of the band elevate the elegance of this design.

ShineGold on Etsy has this delicate emerald and diamond cluster ring in 14 or 18 carat yellow (pictured), white, or rose gold. I particularly love this one, but then I’ve always been partial to the daintiest and tiniest of stones.

A lovely little 0.1 carat emerald in a gold milgrain halo with a milgrain gold band is available from Lustergems on Etsy. This ring can also be custom-designed with different stones (and yellow, white, or rose gold). If you’re more of a ruby or sapphire person, or if you love this look but want a traditional diamond, you can message this seller and make it happen.

EmiConnerJewelry‘s Ophelia ring on Etsy features a pear-cut emerald with a crown of cubic zirconia set in rose (pictured), yellow, or white gold. This design is also available with real diamonds instead of cubic zirconia for $600.

Local Eclectic offers a ring with a square-cut emerald in a bezel setting with three diamonds in pave settings on either side, in 14 carat yellow gold.

Also at Local Eclectic is this emerald and diamond Bisoux ring with a baguette-cut emerald framed by three clustered diamonds on each side.

under $1,000

With choices of emerald (pictured), ruby, or sapphire in yellow (pictured), rose, or white gold, this ring from PandoroFineJewelry on Etsy offers plenty of customization options. The center stone is set with a halo of diamonds which continue on the band in rows of three pave-set diamonds on each side.

The Cordelia ring by SundayIslandSweden on Etsy is inspired by Hans Christian Anderson’s fairy tale of the Snow Queen, with “an ice-like round emerald” in “a vintage-inspired filigree setting surrounded by four genuine diamonds,” representing both the strength and gentleness of the queen of winter.

This four-pronged emerald-cut emerald on a 14 carat yellow (pictured), white, or rose gold band, available from milegem on Etsy, can be customized with any birthstone. Like many birthstone rings, it’s a perfectly personal avenue for an engagement ring.

under $2,000

With options for a natural ($1,725) emerald or lab-grown ($975), the Spiritual Stone of the Forest ring at soulbound is inspired by the Kokiri’s Emerald in the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time video game. The design features details from the game like tiny deku seeds, leaves, and swords.

This ring by Capucinne alternates three emeralds with two blue diamonds in a beautiful combination of colors. The design is available in 18 carat yellow (pictured), white, or rose gold.

Finally, Artemer offers an art deco style ring with two triangle-cut emeralds framing a row of four pave-set diamonds in a reverse rhombus, in 18 carat yellow (pictured), white, or rose gold.

These are just a few of hundreds of beautiful, unique May birthstone rings on the market. Let me know, readers: would you prefer a birthstone to a diamond in your engagement ring? Does combining birthstones with traditional diamonds make a ring more special to you? Do share your thoughts in the comments.

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