Bluebell Brides started in early spring 2019 as a side project while I juggled some career changes and uncertainty in my life. I was a dedicated blogger in high school and college, so I decided to combine a skill I’d honed for years with a passion I still wanted to explore.

Mel and I just before their wedding in 2017.

I don’t recall my first day picking up a bridal magazine, but I’ve dreamt of dresses and flowers and cakes ever since. From spending hours on New Year’s Eve discussing bridesmaids dresses in Brides magazine with my brother and our friends, to discovering Pinterest and building at least half a dozen different themed wedding boards, weddings have been a passion of mine for almost as long as I can remember.

When I was ten years old, I collected all the best dolls and stuffed animals I owned. I cut a giant heart out of pink construction paper and meticulously signed dolls’ names with messages of congratulations in every different style of handwriting I could make up. A stack of golden Oreos became a wedding cake, and a Swan Lake ballet costume a wedding dress, as my ice skater doll Jillian with white and purple hair walked down the aisle to her teddy bear boyfriend of two years.

My junior year of college was especially sweet as my roommate Mel and their fiancee Katie handed the reins for their wedding to me. Planning their beautiful event at a historic venue under an overcast sky in Kentucky was one of my favorite experiences during my college years. The colors were royal purple and deep teal — jewel tones. Mel and I sat on our dorm room floor with hot glue guns and ribbon DIY-ing the bouquets for the couple and their wedding party. I attended every trip to Michael’s and spearheaded the day we and another friend took Katie shopping for her dress. I adored every minute of the process.

In college, I said I’d be a wedding planner, but life didn’t lead that direction for me. The delight I take in wedding design never died out, though. Now I’ve found my favorite new way to channel that passion, from the big picture of dresses and DJs to the details of paperwork and photography poses, here online. I hope I can help brighten your wedding planning process and lighten your load along the way.